Associate Professor
Benjamin Huybrechts


Universities & Institutions

  • Emlyon Business School (Casablanca)

Areas of Interest

  • Entrepreneurial teams
  • Social and cooperative entrepreneurship
  • Cross-sector partnerships

Benjamin Huybrechts conducts research and supervises several PhD theses in the area of social entrepreneurship.

More particularly on topics including collective dynamics underlying the emergence of social entrepreneurship (e.g. teams, incubators, coworking spaces, etc.), the governance of social enterprises as “hybrid” organizational forms, and the institutional diffusion of social innovations through cross-sector partnerships and meta-organizations such as federations and networks.

His empirical work deals with several types of organizational forms (cooperatives, nonprofits, social businesses, etc.) and fields (fair trade, renewable energy, recycling, etc.), with publications in journals such as Organization Studies, the Journal of Business Ethics, the British Journal of Industrial Relations and the International Small Business Journal.

See a selection of work by this Author

Social enterprise in Belgium: A diversity of roots, models and fields

Details Year: 2015 Published in: ICSEM Project Cited as: Huybrechts, B. (2015). Social enterprise in Belgium: A diversity of roots, models and fields. EMES-Icsem Working Paper Series. Abstract This working paper is structured as follows. The first introductory section reviews the main historical roots that have led to the emergence of a diversity of models related [...]

The influence of interorganizational collaboration on logic conciliation and tensions within hybrid organizations: insights from social enterprise–corporate collaborations.

Details Year: 2020 Published in: Journal of Business Ethics. Cited as: Savarese, C., B. Huybrechts and M. Hudon (2020). "The Influence of Interorganizational Collaboration on Logic Conciliation and Tensions Within Hybrid Organizations: Insights from Social Enterprise–Corporate Collaborations." Journal of Business Ethics. Abstract An increasing amount of research has examined the management of competing logics, and [...]