The project

MedUp! – Promoting social entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region aims at increasing economic inclusiveness and employment by promoting social entrepreneurship in Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon as a driver for inclusive growth and job creation.

The project’s actions (2018-2022) focus on:

  • Promoting policy and advocacy initiatives and public-private dialogue, to create an enabling regulatory and policy environment,
  • Reinforcing 60 social entrepreneurship support organisations through capacity-building and networking
  • Providing financial and technical support to 100 social enterprises.

The partners

The project is led by Oxfam Italy, co-funded by the European Union, and implemented by a consortium of European and Southern Mediterranean co-applicants.

The following reports are hosted on Oxfam’s Opportunities for MENA Youth (O4MY) platform. To see these reports, you will be automatically redirected to

MedUp! Project Outcomes

MedUP! Social Enterprise Legal Registration Case Study

Country: Middle East and North Africa


Final Report MedUp! Mid-term evaluation

Country: Middle East and North Africa


Palestine SE ecosystem

Country: Palestine


Jordan Country Study

Country: Jordan


Egypt Country Study

Country: Egypt


Tunisia Country Study

Country: Tunisia