About the project

Social entrepreneurship is a driving force for sustainable business practices.

Our consortium includes the local, regional and national organisations with the highest potential to implement successful Buy Social strategies together with pioneers and leading international best practice players.

The Buy Social Europe B2B project is part of a global movement, which revolves around a strong transnational dimension, built on top of an equally strong local/national focus of sustainable social procurement.

For more than 10 years the Buy Social Movement has seen businesses, governments and consumers increasingly seeking out opportunities to buy from social enterprises and businesses with a social or environmental mission. Now movement pioneers and leading local, regional and national experts and practitioners in the field are joining forces to take the social procurement movement in Europe to the next level.

Project Objectives

To Increase Knowledge

We want to build a strong business case for social procurement through various market analyses, mappings and data collection about social enterprises and procurement needs for mainstream business. Our aim is to convince more policymakers, funders and investors to make long-term strategic investments in the field of social procurement, thus accelerating the transition towards a more social economy.

To Give Visibility

Through campaigns, social media posts, newsletters, and platform/websites about Buy Social B2B, we raise awareness of the movement. The project also is creating best practices and case studies which not only provides visibility but also encourages registration for additional Social Enterprises, Mainstream Enterprises and partners to get involved and contribute to the project.

Encourage Cooperation

Between Mainstream Enterprises (ME) and Social Enterprises (SE), we want to encourage this transactional relationship through capacity building, mentoring and coaching from both the supply and demand sides. This will be facilitated through various coaching programs and matchmaking services at local, regional, national and international levels.

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