In European Social Enterprise Monitor, Social Impact Measurement


Intermediary Organisation: European Commission

Year: 2022


Within the framework of the European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM), Esade Center for Social Impact is pleased to present this second report on the situation of social entrepreneurship in Spain.


This report presents the key conclusions on the Spanish social enterprise ecosystem, collected with the participation of over 80 Spanish social enterprises. The report confirmed the diversity of approaches that exist in the sector, both in terms of legal definition, scope of operations and type of beneficiary. It has also observed that these types of organisations “practice what they preach”, as they not only have a clear positive impact on people and the planet but are also managed with by the criteria of transparency and inclusion. On the other hand, the public sector continues to be a key player for social entrepreneurship, both through many of the contracts and subsidies that fund this sector as well as the need to continue to build a support ecosystem that makes visible and favours companies that place the common good at the centre of their strategy.