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The third sector is changing fast, and most third sector organisations are not adapting much to the new reality. This situation begs for a change in management culture and style. New competences are required and in-service training across Europe should adapt


Intermediary Org:

Year: 2018


Eu3Leader: the project

EU3Leader has created a strategic partnership among organisations dealing with third sector management and leadership in European countries. The project aims to transform current training in third sector management, and to help it make the leap into quality entrepreneurial third sector leadership.

The project duration is 30 months and the partners involved are from the United Kingdom, Spain, Croatia, Austria and Belgium.


  • Build capacity to move from management to leadership in third sector organisations in Europe, based on emerging challenges and opportunities for these organisations
  • Create and consolidate a strategic partnership among a few core organisations working in entrepreneurial third sector leadership in Europe
  • Create high quality, publicly accessible and useful materials for third sector training institutions, research professionals and policymakers

Working with leaders, trainers and researchers from across Europe, we are developing a framework and knowhow platform for entrepreneurial leadership in the third sector. The framework will include key competences for leaders in third sector, and will offer an e-learning training programme with resources based on the framework of competences.