In Leadership, Skills for Social Entrepreneurship


Contemporary theories of entrepreneurship and leadership


Intermediary Org: European Commission

Year: 2017


The present paper presents a ‘State of the Art’ review on the literature on leadership and leadership development the Third Sector (Part 3). It relates the ‘State of the Art’ on literature and research on challenges facing third sector leaders, providing the context to leadership competences and thereby contributing to the knowledge base from which to co-create the set of desired competences for entrepreneurial third sector leadership in the wider EU3Leader project. The rationale underpinning our approach is that to understand the context to entrepreneurial leadership competences, it is first necessary to clearly set out the current ‘state of the art’ understanding of leadership. What follows is a distillation of a semi- systematic literature review carried out by the team at CVSL focused on the literature of widest relevance to the project’s emphasis on leadership competences that relate to the development of the entrepreneurial leader.