Simone Baglioni


Universities & Institutions

  • Glasgow Caledonian University

Areas of Interest

  • Civil society
  • Social Movements
  • Social Innovation
  • Employment Issues
  • Migration

Simone is Professor of Politics, he holds a Ph.D in Political Science from the University of Geneva, a Laurea (MA degree) in Political Science, University of Florence, and a Pier Certificate, Sciences-Po Paris.

He is currently the principal investigator in the EU Horizon 2020 project “TransSol” ( investigating paths of transnational solidarity at the time of crisis, and in the EU FP7 project “Efeseiis” ( focusing on social enterprises and social innovation across various European countries. From January 2016 he will be also leading GCU team in the Marie Sklodowska Curie Rise project Fab-Move (For a better tomorrow: social enterprises on the move).

Previously, Simone has worked on issues of unemployment, migration, and refugees, on EU and UN funded research. His main research interests include (un)employment politics and policy in a comparative perspective (including the EU level); the role of civil society organizations in labour and social policies in Europe; social innovation; social exclusion and poverty, in particular the effect of unemployment and precariousness on individual wellbeing and health; political participation and social capital of the European youth.

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