Senior Researcher & Lecturer
Chiara Carini


Universities & Institutions

  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
  • University of Brescia
  • European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse)

Areas of Interest

  • Cooperatives
  • Social enterprise
  • Social economy


Chiara Carini is a Senior Researcher at Euricse, where she is responsible for the collection and analysis of socio-economic data on Italian cooperatives and social enterprises and, more generally, on the social economy as part of projects aimed at investigating the characteristics, dynamics, evolution and impact of cooperative enterprises on a local, national and international scale. She has edited Istat-Euricse reports on Italian cooperatives and has worked on the World Cooperative Monitor, the research report on the world’s large cooperatives, since the project’s inception. She has also been an adjunct lecturer at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart for the Psychometrics course and has been collaborating for over ten years on Statistics courses at the University of Brescia.

She is a member of the Italian Statistical Society and the CIRIEC International Scientific Commission on the Social and Cooperative Economy; she has also been a member of the Technical Working Group on Cooperative Statistics with the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC).

Chiara has a BA degree in Economics and ICT Management as well as a MA degree in Theories and Methods for Information Management from the University of Brescia. She has previously worked in various academies and research institutes, focusing on surveys and large data integration and exploration, and as a Data Manager for the University of Brescia’s EU-funded SYTO project.

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