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Year: 2017
Published in: ICSEM Project
Cited as: Fekete, É. G., Hubai, L., Kiss, J. & Mihály, M. (2017) “Social Enterprise in Hungary”, No. 47.


The concept of social entrepreneurship is not particularly widespread in Hungary yet. The term itself was initially introduced in the second half of the 1990s by a few key international development organizations focusing on social enterprises and social entrepreneurs. Relevant actors in the non-profit, private and public sector did not take much notice until recently. However, at present, the expressions “social enterprise” or “social entrepreneur” are becoming better known in the country and there is a growing interest for these concepts among development professionals, academics, leaders of non-profit organizations, public officials and even representatives of the business sector.

In the non-profit sector, the concept remained little known and seldom used for a long time. However, mostly because of a decline in their income from traditional sources, non-profit organizations have recently started seeking for alternative ways to diversify their resources. Non-profits now increasingly look at social entrepreneurship as a potential source of income and have thus starting expressing an interest in this topic.