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Year: 2020
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Scotland, Sustainable Procurement


This research will provide the Scottish Government with evidence of the ways in which the Duty is contributing to Scotland’s overarching purpose by contributing to individual national outcomes. It will also provide information on the opportunities and barriers which affect the implementation of the Duty by public bodies.
The key objectives of the research included the following:
collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data including evidence of the following:
-how, and to what extent, public bodies are using procurement to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of their area (which must include analysis of how fair work practices are being addressed, and if bodies are paying the real Living Wage, promoting equality and tackling inequality for those working on public contracts)
-the extent to, and ways in, which public bodies are supporting SMEs, third sector bodies and supported businesses to be involved in procurement processes
-how public bodies are promoting innovation
-impact of community beneHt requirements on employment and skills, and any sub-contracting opportunities and ways in which this is benefitting priority groups