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Year: 2018
Published in: Management Science Letters
Cited as: Zainol, N., F. Zainol, Yahya Ibrahim, and Asyraf Afthanorhan. “Scaling up social innovation for sustainability: The roles of social enterprise capabilities.” Management Science Letters 9, no. 3 (2019): 457-466.


Malaysia, Social enterprise, Capabilities Scaling, Social innovation, Social problem.


The scaling of social innovation is an important issue in social enterprises for sustainability. The scenario is due to the social enterprise capabilities to ensure the social program’s impact on society to become wider and deeper. Thus, social innovation helps to identify the social problems and target actions to address the social complex problems by social enterprise capabilities. This study investigates the factors of social enterprise capabilities in enhancing social innovation for sustain- ability and for eliminating the social barriers. In addition, the study discusses the relationship be- tween social enterprise capabilities to scale social innovation. The study uses cross-sectional de- sign and collects the necessary data from 136 social enterprises in Malaysia for the survey. The findings show that social enterprise capabilities for earning generation, replicating, and stimulating had a positive relationship with scaling social innovation when the level of significance was 0.05. Accordingly, the social enterprise owners are required to improve their capabilities to reach a higher scale of social innovation for growth and sustainability.