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Year: 2021
Published in: Journal of Business Research
Cited as: Khaled Saleh Al-Omoush, Virginia Simón-Moya, Mohammad Atwah Al-ma’aitah, Javier Sendra-García,
The determinants of social CRM entrepreneurship: An institutional perspective,
Journal of Business Research, Volume 132, 2021, Pages 21-31, ISSN 0148-2963,


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Despite a growing interest in social media adoption by corporations, there is minimal knowledge about the drivers of social customer relationship management (SCRM). This study examines the determinants of SCRM entrepreneurship from an institutional perspective and specifically from the banking sector. Data on 19 banks were obtained from 183 responses to a questionnaire. These data were analyzed using Partial Least Square (PLS) path modeling. The findings show that organizational and technological contexts have a significant positive impact on SCRM entrepreneurship. The results also reveal a significant impact of institutional normative and coercive pressures on SCRM entrepreneurship. The findings of this study provide researchers and practitioners with a deeper understanding of how external institutional pressures and internal organizational and technological contexts can interact to create SCRM entrepreneurship. Furthermore, this study contributes to knowledge about the motivations and methods of SCRM adoption and evaluation.


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