In EU Policy, Research


Year: 2020
Published in: Journal of Social Entrepreneurship
Cited as: Arend, R. J. (2020). “Modelling Social Entrepreneurship: Consideration of the Reacting Forces.” Journal of Social Entrepreneurship: 1-18.


The field of social entrepreneurship has taken off with the explosive growth of different versions of the phenomena, like micro-credit, and with greater support, as from Ashoka and the Gates Foundation, but it remains lagging in theoretical understanding. We build upon the model of social entrepreneurship as a four unit system. We generate four new propositions based on existing theory describing social entrepreneurship as addressing market failures and as a behavioural process. Specifically, our propositions summarise our analysis of how the context and targets of social entrepreneurship activity co-evolve in the system, actively affecting outcomes initiated by social entrepreneurs’ behaviours.


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