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Year: 2019
Published in: Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing
Cited as: Weaver, R. L. (2019). “Social Enterprise and the Capability Approach: Exploring How Social Enterprises Are Humanizing Business.” Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing: 1-26.


This mixed-method empirical study applies the capability approach, a multidimensional framework for evaluating human development, to survey 115 social enterprises on their social activities. Findings reveal that social enterprises create services and programs that seek to meet an average of three types of human needs and are more likely to target some human needs more than others. Research implications include the creation of a model and a tool for applying the capability approach to examine social value creation in social businesses. Findings contribute to practice by introducing a tool that leaders of social organizations, consultants, or training institutions may use to design the social activities of social enterprises and other social businesses and organizations.


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