The project

Launched in 2020, the European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) is the first social enterprise monitor on the European level. The project intends to close the current gap on social enterprise data and inform decision-makers in government, civil society and the economy.

The Aim

The aim is to communicate, support and promote the needs and interests of enterprises in the social and solidarity economy across Europe and beyond. The ESEM gathers participants’ insights on social entrepreneurship and makes them available for decision makers, government officials, investors, researchers and impact practitioners.

Profound Insights

The ESEM will be an annual study, describing the results of an online survey, comprising social enterprise and start-up data at European and country level. The project produces elaborate country reports and European comparison, which allows for profound insights on the social enterprise ecosystem in Europe, and highlight the opportunities for development of the sector and its impact.

Impact created

The ESEM will make a positive impact on social enterprises and social finance across Europe. The expected impact of this monitor is that:

  • Data on Social Entrepreneurship will be readily available for researchers and decision makers;
  • EU policies and funding are more responsive to the needs of (aspiring) Social Entrepreneurs;
  • Country policies and funding are more responsive to the needs of Social Entrepreneurs;
  • Social investors and support organisations are more responsive to the needs of Social Entrepreneurs;
  • Country partners are more aware of each other’s context and policies and learn from each other;
  • More effective social finance and social enterprises will accelerate reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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