Author Name


Universities & Institutions

  • Queen’s University Belfast

Areas of Interest

  • Responsible investment
  • Sustainable development issues

Theodor Cojoianu is a Lecturer and an Assistant Professor in Finance at Queen’s university Belfast.

He is a researcher in the field of responsible investment. He is passionate about applying innovative research methods to sustainable development issues, to inform and enable action on the biggest challenges society and the business world are facing.

His current (research) interests include:

  • Investing in a Low Carbon World
  • Sustainable Financial Policy Design
  • Measuring investment and progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Responsible Investment & Financial Instruments
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship cluster development
  • Investor & Financial Networks (e.g. Influence, Systemic Risk, Financial Stability)
  • Financial Data Science & Fintech
  • Corporate Governance (e.g. Trust, Leadership)
  • Sustainable Corporate Strategy
  • Private Financial Markets & Impact Investing (Venture Capital, Private Equity & Infrastructure)
  • People Analytics & Human Capital Management (e.g. Millennials in the Workplace)

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