Assistant Professor
Thema Monroe-White


Universities & Institutions

Berry College

Areas of Interest

  • Innovations
  • Data visualization
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship education

Dr. Thema Monroe-White has over 10 years of combined evaluation, research and data analytics expertise from her years as a consultant, nonprofit leader, and instructor.

Dr. White’s research is concerned with broadening participation in STEM-C fields, with a special emphasis on information technology, analytics and data science. She is particularly interested in the relationship between technology, entrepreneurship and the economic empowerment of underrepresented people of color. She presents regularly at professional and academic conferences and publishes in a wide variety of journals pertaining to equity and inclusion in STEM education, social entrepreneurship and innovation. Dr. White holds a PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology as well as Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Howard University.

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