Associate Professor
Stefan Linder


Universities & Institutions

  • ESSEC Business School

Areas of Interest

  • Management Control
  • Perfomance Measurment

Dr Stefan Linder is an Associate Professor at the Accounting and Management Control Department at  ESSEC Business School in France.

His research focuses on three areas:

– Strategic management control, including strategic planning and implementation, fostering of entrepreneurship within established firms, and management of strategic risks;

– Performance measurement and management, including incentive and governance design;

– Mid- and short term planning and control, including budgeting and better budgeting as well as capital expenditure control;

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Social Entrepreneurship Research: Past Achievements and Future Promises

Details Year: 2019 Published in: Journal of Management, 45, 2019, 1, p. 70-95 Cited as: Saebi, T., Foss, N. J., & Linder, S. (2019). Social Entrepreneurship Research: Past Achievements and Future Promises. Journal of Management, 45(1), 70–95. Abstract The past decade has witnessed a surge of research interest in social entrepreneurship (SE). This has [...]