Assistant Professor Saurav Pathak


Universities & Institutions

  • Kansas State University

Areas of Interest

  • Social Entrepreneurship,
  • Leadership
  • Inequality

Dr Pathak is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Department of Management at Kansas State University.

Saurav  is examining the influences of macro-level factors on micro-level entrepreneurial behaviors. His teaching  interests are in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Technology Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategy, International Business, Econometrics. He has published over 20 articles in top journals including Journal of International Business Studies, Human Relations.

He got his PhD in Entrepreneurship at the Imperial College Business School in 2011, and in Mechanical Engineering from University of Florida, in 2007.

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Societal Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Details Year: 2019 Published in: Cross-Cultural Research, 54(2-3), 180-208, Cited as: Pathak, S., & Muralidharan, E. (2020). Societal Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. Cross-Cultural Research, 54(2–3), 180–208. Abstract Using multilevel modeling and data from 26 countries that include 93,439 individual-level responses on social entrepreneurship for the year 2015, we seek to understand how [...]

Economic Inequality and Social Entrepreneurship

Details Year: 2018 Published in: Business & Society, 57(6), 1150-1190, Cited as: Pathak, S., & Muralidharan, E. (2018). Economic Inequality and Social Entrepreneurship. Business & Society, 57(6), 1150–1190. Abstract This article explores the extent to which income inequality and income mobility—both considered indicators of economic inequality and conditions of formal regulatory institutions (government activism)—facilitate or constrain the [...]