Associate Professor
Reinout Kleinhans


Universities & Institutions

  • TU Delft

Areas of Interest

  • Urban regeneration
  • Self-organisation
  • Community entrepreneurship
  • Online/offline citizen engagement Social capital
  • Collective efficacy

Dr Kleinhans is Associate Professor of Urban Regeneration at the Department of Urbanism at Delft University of Technology. Recently, he has also been appointed as Delft Education Fellow 2020-2021.

His research interests are urban regeneration, self-organisation, community entrepreneurship, online/offline citizen engagement, social capital and collective efficacy. He is currently leading international comparative research on community enterprises and other forms of citizen-based co-production and residential area redevelopment.
Dr Kleinhans is also involved in the aftermath of our JPI ERA-NET research on Smart Urban Governance, analysing our collected data on conditions for G2C / C2G co-production between citizens and local authorities through digital participatory platforms in urban planning, neighbourhood governance and self-organisation.

His educational background is in urban planning, housing and urban geography. He obtained a MSc degree in urban planning from Groningen University. In 2005, Dr Kelinhans received his PhD degree in urban geography at Delft University of Technology, for his thesis “Social Implications of Urban Restructuring and Residential Relocation”.

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