Rafael Chaves-Avila


Universities & Institutions

  • University of Valencia | UV – Institute of Social and Cooperative Economy

Areas of Interest

  • Social Economy
  • Social and Cooperative Economics
  • Innovation
  • Public Policy

Rafael Chaves is Professor of Economic Policy and Social Economy at the University of Valencia. He obtained a European Doctorate Laureate in Economics in 1995 and was Director of the Research Institute IUDESCOOP for ten years until he took on the position of Director of the Official Doctorate Program on Social Economics at the same university.

He is President of the Scientific Commission on Social and Cooperative Economics of CIRIEC-international. His research has focused on public policies towards the third sector, major figures in the field of social economy, and definitions and theories on the third sector and social economy.

He has published in journals such as The Service Industries Journal, Service Business, Management Decision, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, CIRIEC-España revista de economia publica social y cooperativa, Economía Industrial, International journal of rural development, Revista de estudios cooperativos, Nouvelles pratiques sociales, Journal of Cooperative Studies and books in editorials as De Boeck and Peterlang.

He has extensive experience in leading international and national projects, financed by European Institutions as the European Economic and Social Committee or the DGV of the European Union, the scientific network CIRIEC-International and the Spanish Ministry of Science. He is elected member of GECES – Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises of the European Commission.

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Social Enterprise in Spain: A Diversity of Roots and a Proposal of Models

Details Year: 2017 Published in: ICSEM Project Cited as: Díaz-Foncea, M., Marcuello, C., Marcuello, C., Solorzano, M., Navío, J., Guzmán, C., de la O Barroso, M., Rodríguez, M. J., Santos, F. J., Fisac, R., Alguacil, P., Chaves, R., Savall, T. & Villajos, E. (2017) “Social Enterprise in Spain”, No. 29. Abstract Launched in July 2013, the [...]