Peter Linde


Universities & Institutions

  • Utrecht University

Areas of Interest

  • Strategic management
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Psychological and social climate in a team
  • Management of powerful learning environments in organizations

As a Lecturer at Utrecht University, I like to challenge students to take ownership of their own learning environment and thereby get more out of the subject, themselves and each other. Thus I manage to take them on what they see as a journey of discovery in, for example, the world of ‘strategic management’ (USG 4070) or in the world of ‘social entrepreneurship’ (USG 4240).

In my teaching, asking good questions is more important than giving good answers. And there is room for out-of-the-box thinking, for a hands-on approach to issues linked to a reflexive, self-examining attitude of students and teacher. And for connecting theory and practice. What does out-of-the-box thinking mean for the psychological and social climate in a team? Within the context of the course “Management of powerful learning environments in organizations” (USG 4150), students investigate these and other questions on the basis of theory, their own empirics and an assignment for an external client.

I have been able to put many of my ideas about education into practice as the founder and principal of Kaospilots.NL; International School for Social Innovation and New Business Design (from 2005 to 2009). This school was next to the formal Dutch education system and was actually a social enterprise with partners such as Ordina, RedBull, Tendris and de Baak from the Corporate and Rijkswaterstaat (Future Center) from the public sector. Within USBO I have been given the space to translate these experiences into an academic setting. This has taken the form of the SELab (; a think and do tank for students, teachers, (social) entrepreneurs, public organizations and social investors.

Before I started working at USBO in 2001, I worked as a teacher, entrepreneur and consultant at the intersection between academia and practice. As a filmmaker and lecturer in cinematography at the chair group Communication and Innovation Studies at WUR, for which I received the education prize at the time., As head of a multimedia lab from which we did projects / research for web-based (distance) education in the context of European Framework programs.

I trained in Wageningen and obtained a master of Learning and Development at TIAS in 2001.

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