Assistant Professor
Nurgul Keles Taysir


Universities & Institutions

  • Istanbul Ticaret Universitesi

Areas of Interest

  • Social entrepreneurship

Nurgul Keles Taysir is Assistant Professor of Management and Organization at Istanbul Ticaret University.


She has a PhD in Management and Organization from Marmara University (Turkey), and held visiting researcher position at UMass Boston (USA).


She is interested in social entrepreneurial intention formation. Her latest research has been published in Nonprofit Management and Leadership Journal. She has been working on intention-behavior gap and trying to find answers to “Why social entrepreneurs disengage from their ideas?”.


Moreover, she is interested in cross-cultural differences in social entrepreneurial behavior.

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Founder’s background as a catalyst for social entrepreneurship

Details Year: 2019 Published in: Nonprofit Management and Leadership Cited as: Yitzhak Dahan (2020), Strategy, local sociology, political philosophy: Analysis of strategy of Non‐Governmental Organizations under radical intellectual leadership, Nonprofit Management and Leadership Abstract Social entrepreneurship has a long history of practice worldwide. However, the concept has become widely popular among researchers over the last [...]