Assistant Professor
Millán Díaz-Foncea


Universities & Institutions

  • University of Zaragoza

Areas of Interest

  • Social economy
  • Collective entrepreneurship
  • Social enterprises
  • Solidarity-based economy
  • Sharing economy
  • Entrepreneurial economics
  • Business ethics
  • Strategic management
  • Nonprofit management
  • Economic development


Millán Díaz-Foncea holds a PhD in Economics and the Management of Organizations from the University of Zaragoza. He is member of the GESES-University of Zaragoza Research Group, the CIRIEC-Spain scientific association and the EMES International Research Network on Social Enterprise. He is also the coordinator of the ENUIES Network of University Research Centers in Social Economy, which brings together 12 Centers together comprising more than 150 researchers.

Millán’s research has focused on the social economy, social enterprises and their characteristics, collective entrepreneurship and its contribution to territorial economic development through cooperative societies, the evaluation and social impact of organisations, and new economies (including the solidarity-based economy and sharing economy).

From these research activities he has published 44 texts, including 26 journal articles and 18 books, monographs and chapters. He has also participated in 24 research projects (4 international, 9 national and 11 regional), serving as the Coordinator or as Principal Investigator for 4 of these.

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