Assistant Professor
Guillermo Casasnovas


Universities & Institutions

  • ESADE Business & Law School

Areas of Interest

  • Impact Investment
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Guillermo Casasnovas is Assistant Professor at Esade’s department of Society, Politics, and Sustainability, and he is affiliated with the Esade Center for Social Impact and the Institute for Social Innovation. He teaches and researches on the fields of social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

His research looks at the formation of markets at the intersection of ‘business and society’ from an economic sociology perspective. He focuses on the early moments of those markets as well as on processes of intermediation and policy support. He has studied extensively the cases of the UK and Spain’s impact investing fields.

Guillermo studied his PhD at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and he was an Early Career Research Fellow at Oxford’s Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. Before his academic career, he worked in the Corporate Finance industry at Deloitte, running the Momentum Project social acceleration program at Esade, and as lecturer and consultant at the Central American University UCA in Nicaragua.

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