Geoffrey Whittam


Universities & Institutions

  • Glasgow Caledonian University

Areas of Interest

  • Ethnic Minority Businesses
  • Social Enterprises
  • Third Sector Activities
  • Community Buy-Outs
  • Enterprise
  • Regeneration Agenda
  • Rural enterprise

Geoffrey has been employed at Glasgow Caledonian University since April 2013, previously he worked at the University of the West of Scotland. He is a member of the Yunus Research Centre and Departmental Lead for Research.

Dr Whittam has published in many areas of the field of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, namely Ethnic Minority Businesses, Social Enterprises and Third Sector Activities, Community Buy-Outs, Enterprise and the Regeneration Agenda, Rural enterprise.

Geoffrey is also a member of The Regional Studies Association and the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. His current research involves investigating the role of employee owned co-ops in Scotland, sponsored by Oxfam, the impact of Community Asset Based Ownership, recently awarded funding from Glasgow Caledonian University for a full-time PhD student, investigation into rural enterprises.

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