Reseracher Fellow
Eeva Houtbeckers


Universities & Institutions

  • Aalto University

Areas of Interest

  • Degrowth
  • Postgrowth
  • Diverse economies
  • Community economies
  • Sustainability transitions
  • Design for sustainability

Dr Houtbeckers is a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University, Department of Design, Finland.

She coproduce ‘economic knowledges and realities’ as a researcher ‘in the wild and in confined (academic) spaces’ (Martin et al. 2016, 9).
Her current research focuses on work and livelihoods in/for post-growth societies in the global North. It is an ethnographic participatory study of work practices in/for ecologically and socially just world, for which she uses various methods, such as producing audiovisual materials.

Eeva defended her doctoral dissertation in October 2016. Her dissertation focused on mundane social entrepreneurship in Finland and the work of microentrepreneurs in sectors addressing sustainability challenges, namely up-cycle design, veganism, open data, and co-working.

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