Alejandro Agafonow


Universities & Institutions

  • ESSCA School of Management

Areas of Interest

  • Social Enterprise
  • Organizational Economics
  • Philosophy of Science

Prof. Agafonow’s research falls within the tradition of New Institutionalism (i.e., North, Ostrom, and Williamson) and it centers on the cogs and wheels that make social enterprises tick, aiming at redressing the paucity of knowledge on the tangible mechanisms that drive enterprises to uphold their commitments to social and environmental goals.

He holds the position of Full Professor at ESSCA School of Management (France), and he has served as an Associate Editor in the journal Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility (former Business Ethics: A European Review), as a Section Editor of Springer’s Handbook of Philosophy of Management, as well as a panel convenor at the European Academy of Management conference.

Featured Publication

Agafonow, Alejandro, & Perez, Marybel (2024) “In Search of a Non-anthropocentric Middle-range Theory of the Firm: On How the Patagonia Purpose Trust Granted a Controlling Stake to Nature,” Ecological Economics, Vol. 217, No. X, pp. xx-xx.

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