In Support for Social Enterprise


Year: 2023

Published in: Publications of the Centre of Expertise for Social Enterprises

Editors: Malviina Hallamaa, Linda Lehto and Tom Tarvainen, Centre of Expertise for Social Enterprises

Working group: Katja Anoschkin, Jarmo Hänninen, Maarit Laakso, Juha Klemelä, Satu Niskanen, Elina Pöllänen, Farid Ramadan, Ilona Ukkonen.


Social enterprises can address the challenges and the most intracta- ble problems of our world, where traditional solutions are not always enough.
This Changemaker’s Workbook is designed to support the develop- ment of socially impactful business activities for current and future social enterprises. It offers proven and inspiring methods for devel- oping your business idea, understanding your target audience and customers, mapping your ecosystem, identifying financing sources and scaling your business.
The exercises in the book can be done alone or in a group. You can select the exercises that suit you best and do them in the order you want. The tools are drawn from a wide range of sources and there is a comprehensive list of references at the end of the book.
Business advisors and developers, entrepreneurship experts, incubators and accelerators, and social entrepreneurship mentors can also use the tools in the workbook in their own activities and in entrepreneurial workshops.