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Year: 2015
Published in: ICSEM Project
Cited as: Conde, C. (2015) “Social Enterprise in Mexico: Concepts in Use in the Social Economy”, No. 22.


In Mexico, many types of organizations engaged in social entrepreneurship coexist; they correspond to various legal forms: ejidos, communities, cooperatives, workers’ organizations, civil associations and societies, private welfare and charitable institutions as well as social groups (not constituted under a specific legal form). These types of organizations differ in many ways (in terms of objectives, characteristics, process of constitution, structure, requirements, legal records, etc.) and are regulated by different laws.

For some time, several of these types of organizations were integrated into a group called the “social sector of the economy”. They were then considered as belonging to the third sector. Later on, they were regarded as civil society organizations; nowadays, they are viewed as being part of the social economy. It is not just a matter of names or fashion, though: each of these terms includes some types of organizations and excludes others.