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Year: 2015
Published in: ICSEM Project
Cited as: Dohnalová, M., Guri, D., Hrabětová, J., Legnerová, K. & Šlechtová, V. (2015) “Social Enterprise in the Czech Republic”, No. 24.


This paper will start with a short presentation of the notion of social enterprise (SE) in the Czech Republic. The term “social enterprise” is used in the Czech Republic; however, it is not yet legally acknowledged. It is particularly used by social enterprises with different legal forms, by non-governmental organisations that promote the idea of social entrepreneurship and support social enterprises, as well as by individuals who consider starting up a social enterprise.
Some facts create suitable conditions for the establishment and development of social enterprises, and research confirms the existence of social enterprises, even though a formal definition is still lacking. Foreign concepts and experiences, especially from the European Union countries, serve as the basis for further developments. The Czech Republic was the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to hold a worldwide conference about the social economy. One of the outputs of this conference was the “Prague declaration acceptance”, which highlights three major features of social enterprise: social enterprise is not based on capital but on participatory democracy; the object is not profit but mutual support; social enterprise can bring significant contribution to the inclusion of disadvantaged people into society.