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Year: 2015
Published in: ICSEM Project
Cited as: Cambodia Lyne, I., Khieng, S. & Ngin, C. (2015) “Social Enterprise in Cambodia: An Overview”, No. 05.


This article explores how the social enterprise concept is used in Québec. Focusing on the historical, institutional, and current conceptual understanding of the social economy in Québec, itexplores the related definitions, terminology, and typologies currently in use. The term “social enterprise” is nearly absent in Québec, mainly due to the highly recognized notion of social economy. However, not all Québec enterprises that pursue social goals fit into the social economy institutional definition. This article proposes a conceptual framework for understanding the modalities of Québec’s field of social economy and other social purpose enterprises. It suggests that “social enterprises” in Québec are those that participate in the social purposes of the social economy without necessarily sharing the core and institutionalized characteristics of social economy enterprises.