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The paper is structured as follows: First, we present a conceptual approach to the phenomenon of social enterprise in Chile; this phenomenon was influenced mainly by the European concept of social economy, the Anglo-Saxon approach to the third sector, the social and solidarity economy (hereinafter SSE) approach, deriving from the Latin American conceptual tradition, and the concept of popular economy, which was frequently employed in Chile. In section 2, we then focus on the historical context for the emergence of civil society organizations in Chile. The third section is dedicated to the analysis of the legal approach, with the specific objective of evaluating which of the different legal forms provided for by the Chilean law comply with the EMES approach to social enterprise. We then try to synthesize these different approaches, and we propose a possible framework of analysis of the different models of SSE organizations that is specific for the Chilean context. Finally, some concluding remarks and possible future scenarios for the SSE in Chile close the paper.