Year: 2023


Social economy, circular economy, sustainable economy, regenerative economy, social enterprise


The transition to a circular economy is gaining momentum globally as businesses, governments, and civil society recognize the urgent need to shift from a linear “take-make-dispose” model to a more sustainable and regenerative approach. However, little has been researched about the intersection of the circular economy and the social economy and how these systems can reinforce each other to tackle environmental and social challenges. That is a significant gap. This study, animated by a profound interest in the social outcomes of circular business models, is designed to be useful for social enterprises highlighting different models to explore and ways to address common challenges, giving them more visibility, and demonstrating their importance in accelerating the transition towards more circular, inclusive, and equitable systems. The report also aims to mobilize the business community and the broader supporting ecosystem, formulating recommendations that can help address the barriers hindering the growth of social enterprises in the circular economy and their ability to scale their impact.