Year: 2023
Cited as: Wigglesworth, C., Neves, M., Dupain, W., Maynard-Hill, H. (2023) “Meet the Buyer Best Practice Guide”. Buy Social Europe B2B, Social Enterprise UK, Euclid Network.


Buy Social Europe B2B – Meet the Buyer Guide


This Meet the Buyer Best Practice Guide is a
deliverable under the Buy Social Europe B2B project,
co-funded by the European Union, SAP and all
partners, coordinated by Euclid Network.
Buy Social Europe B2B empowers social enterprises and
businesses to find each other and forge sustainable trade
partnerships. Together we partner, learn, create evidence,
and build capacity to bring the social procurement
movement in Europe to the next level. This project is
part of the global social procurement, Buy Social and
People & Planet First movements. This project is active
in 17 countries and counting.
This guide has been reviewed and is endorsed by all
partners in this project.