In Impact Measurement & Management, Social Procurement, EU Policy, Funding, Research, Skills for Social Entrepreneurship


Intermediary Organisation: European Commission

Year: 2023


The Croatian Social Enterprise Monitor (CSEM) 2021-2022’s compiled data from an online survey sent to 192 social enterprises in the ACT Group database. The data was collected from January 13th to January 31st 2022. The questionnaire consisted of 70 questions, and was answered by 75 social enterprises that were included in the analysis of this study.


The development of social entrepreneurship in Croatia, as well as in other countries, has its roots in the industrial revolution at the end of the 18th and during the 19th century. A smaller part of CSEM social enterprises, approximately 8%, were founded as associations during the nineties, in the first decade of Croatian independence, and only later became social enterprises. With the political changes since the 2000s and the adoption of the new concept of social entrepreneurship, the number of social enterprises has been increasing, especially since 2007. However, the majority of CSEM social enterprises are “older”, founded before 2013, while less than half (44%) of them were founded after 2013.