In Public Procurement, Research


Year: 2020
Published in: EU Publications Office
Cited as: European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Tepper, P., McLennan, A., Hirt, R., et al., Making socially responsible public procurement work : 71 good practice cases, Publications Office, 2020,




This case study collection aims to improve awareness and understanding of the potential of SRPP, by showcasing 71 examples of how public procurers have achieved social benefits in practice. The case studies demonstrate correct bidding procedures and effective policies, and act as inspiration – both for procurers but also for operators in the social economy – with the aim to stimulate replication across Europe.
For more information on how the social aspects of the EU Public Procurement Directives were transposed at a national level, plus further good practices on SRPP, with a particular focus on access to public markets by social economy enterprises, see the Buying for Social Impact report. In addition, the European Commission is currently updating the Buying Social guidance, which will provide practical advice on implementing SRPP (expected 2020).