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Year: 2022
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Cited as: Galera, G. et al. (2022). Report on trends and challenges for work integration social enterprises (WISEs) in Europe. Current situation of skills gaps, especially in the digital area. B-WISE project, Brussels:


EU, WISE sector


This report analyses the main drivers, features and development trends of work integration social enterprises (WISEs) in the 27 European Union Member States and it examines skills needs and gaps of WISEs’ workers, especially in the digital area. The aim of the report is to contribute to developing a new strategic approach (Blueprint) to sectoral cooperation on the skills needed so as to reinforce the empowering work of WISEs in strengthening the skills of WISEs’ workers and to sustainably tackle the digitalisation challenges they face.
The report draws on 27 Country Fiches and on the findings of an empirical analysis consisting of both a face-to-face and an online survey carried out in the 13 B-WISE partner countries1.
The report takes some steps further towards mapping the WISE sector in the European Union (EU) and it sheds some light on the main challenges faced by these organisations in their endeavour to integrate workers with support needs (WSNs).