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Year: 2018
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Social Procurement, Canada


In response to the April 2018 Notice of Motion and in fulfillment of the Contract for RFP 18- 1658 – Social Procurement State of Practice Reporting, Buy Social Canada and our collaborating partners1 submit the following report to The City of Calgary.
What is Social Procurement
Social procurement is a means to leverage an added and intentional social value from existing procurement.
Report Objective
The City of Calgary will adopt and implement a social procurement policy to achieve the greatest value for taxpayers’ dollars, including economic, environmental and social value.
Key Recommendations & Policy Framework
The City of Calgary will build upon its history of leadership and success in blending economic development and sustainable procurement by enhancing its current policy to include a social procurement component. The new policy framework will amend current policy to create SSEEPP: Sustainable, Social, Ethical and Environmental Procurement Policy.
The social procurement policy is a means to further the goals of multiple City of Calgary local business, social, and community-focused policies, frameworks and strategies2.
The updated SSEEPP will focus on intentionally creating community impact outcomes by integrating a social value into procurement policy, practice and award decisions.