In Public Procurement, Research


Year: 2019
Published in: EcoValue
Cited as: n/a


Sustainable Procurement, Netherlands, Supply Chain


This review is part of a broader evaluation6 of the Dutch government policy on International Responsible Business Conduct7 (IRBC) carried out by the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It aims to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and relevance of the Dutch IRBC policy carried out between 2012 and 2018. This includes RBC sector agreements8, private sector instruments, international activities by the Netherlands on RBC, and RBC activities of embassies.
This review was commissioned by IOB and carried out by Miriam van Gool of EcoValue. The scope includes both national and local governments. The focus is on procurement of goods and services with an impact on people and the environment in other (developing) countries through supply chains. This starts with (but is not limited to) what in Dutch public procurement policy in 2018 are called ‘International Social Conditions’(ISCs), as these directly address supply chain risks and due diligence based on OECD guidelines. However, the ISCs are explored within the broader scope of sustainable procurement policy, by the end of the period under review (2018) called ‘Responsible Public Procurement (RPP9)’.