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Year: 2022
Published in: Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
Cited as: Teasdale, Simon, Michael J. Roy, Alex Nicholls, and Chantal Hervieux. “Turning rebellion into money? Social entrepreneurship as the strategic performance of systems change.” Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (2022).


Assemblage, Collective action framework, Framing, Social entrepreneur, Systems change


Critical scholars recognize a disjuncture between the problems identified by social entrepreneurs and the solutions they propose. Existing theory treats this as a problem to be rectified at the organizational level. In this essay, we widen attention to the macro-oriented systems change strategies of social entrepreneurs. We develop a dynamic typology showing how strategies are reassembled over time to stimulate or deflect desire for systems change. Deriving inspi- ration from Goffman, we theorize the ways that different types of systems change actor perform systems change via interaction with their environments. Drawing on illustrative cases on the boundaries of social entrepreneurship, we show how the collective action frameworks developed by systems change actors can be adapted and repurposed by their (sys- tems) audiences: effectively turning rebellion into money.