In European Social Enterprise Monitor, EU Policy


Intermediary Org: European Commision

Year: 2022


Social Enterprise Monitor 2021-2022 is the largest annual survey of social enterprises in the Netherlands. This research provides insight into the developments within the sector in our country and serves as a basis for further development of the ecosystem. It is the first monitor that is also part of the European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM).
The Social Enterprise Monitor shows that there is a wide diversity in the sector and at the same time indicates the different trends. For example, social enterprises are mainly relatively young SMEs. Their challenges lie in the area of recognition, recognition, obtaining and/or retaining customers and access to appropriate financing.


Social enterprises are the designers of the impact economy. An economy that works for all people: circular, inclusive and poverty-free. Social Enterprise NL connects and strengthens these entrepreneurs and works on a more favorable ecosystem. A system in which sufficient capital is available, where more and more customers appreciate social value, and where governments see these entrepreneurs as ally and act accordingly.