In European Social Enterprise Monitor, EU Policy


Intermediary Org: European Commision

Year: 2022


Despite their social importance and the growing public interest in their services, not enough is known about the status quo, the potential and the challenges of social enterprises in Austria. In this form, the Austrian Social Enterprise Monitor (ASEM) is the first to comprehensively examine the characteristics, effects and hurdles of social enterprises in Austria in an international comparison. The results are based on a quantitative survey among 258 social enterprises (1 November 2021 – 31 January 2022), which was carried out as part of the European Social Enterprise Monitor project, as well as a qualitative survey of 23 experts in Austria.


Austria’s social entrepreneurs respond to social challenges with entrepreneurial means. They prioritize their social or ecological mission over any intention to make a profit, often generate their income from market revenues and are characterized by a focus on innovation and participatory decision-making.