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Year: 2021
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Cited as: Mertel, E.; Gaone Veldhuijsen, A.; Vietz, C.  (2021). Needs Assessment Report – Social Enterprise Support Organisations (SESOs) in the MENA Region. 


In the scope of the MedUP! project, this report sheds light on the state of the social enterprise ecosystems in the MENA region. More specifically, it examines the support and capacity building needs of SESOs by researching the actions, challenges and opportunities they encounter within the SE ecosystem. 

The report is based on data collected in an exploratory sequential research approach throughout the first two years in which MedUP! has run. Qualitative data was collected by means of Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and workshops including local SEs and SESOs in each country of interest. The insights obtained from the FGDs were subsequently utilized to develop an online survey leading to quantitative output. Based on the findings of this report, recommendations are provided on how to address the identified needs and strengthen the SE ecosystems in the region.

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