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Intermediary Org: European Commission


In many ways, the pandemic has shown the best of British
business. Companies across the country have stepped up to support their staff, provided donations to local charities and offered to give up their premises for local projects. However, it does beg the question: Why does it take an unprecedented medical emergency to get the best out of our businesses? Why can’t businesses act as they did during the national lockdowns every day and without the need to be persuaded or incentivised to do so? Why can’t we have businesses that put society first? Why can’t this be our new normal?


“This year’s State of Social Enterprise Survey shows that social enterprises have not changed their approach over the past year, unlike other parts of our economy. It has acted the way it has always done, driven by its values and a desire to do what is – in the long term – in the interests of people and the planet. Therefore, it is no surprise that this year’s survey has found social enterprises doing what they can to help their communities get through COVID-19, to hire and retain as many staff as possible and to take steps to reduce their carbon emissions. This is not a one-off but a trend that we have charted through every single State of Social Enterprise Survey.”