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Intermediary Org: European Commission


The social economy and social entrepreneurship play an increasingly important role in today’s society and the economic landscape in both the European Union and Estonia. The European Union sees social entrepreneurship as an opportunity for inclusion, to create a sense of belonging and social responsibility. The benefits and importance of social entrepreneurship society plays a role in its uniqueness – at the same time being flexible forms an engine of societal change, innovative and innovative solution provider, inclusive labor market promoter or social service provider.


“Although the development of Estonian social entrepreneurship is still developing and with some member states compared, perhaps even in infancy, it has been confirmed since 2015
“Civil Society Development Plan 2015-2020” as a national civil society, one of the focuses of policy development. The new strategy period is social entrepreneurship already under heightened attention. The Ministry of the Interior chose one in the spring of 2021 as a strategic partner of the Social Enterprise Network, whose expertise using it, we work intensively in two directions: to grow social enterprises sustainability and the social value they create, and at the same time spread Estonia awareness of social entrepreneurship as a possible form of activity for others its value compared to other forms and its social the role of entrepreneurship in society at large……”