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Year: 2020
Published in: Journal of Social Entrepreneurship
Cited as: Graikioti, S., D. Sdrali and O. Klimi Kaminari (2020). “Factors Determining the Sustainability of Social Cooperative Enterprises in the Greek Context.” Journal of Social Entrepreneurship: 1-22.


The purpose of the present paper is to investigate the factors contributing to the sustainability of Social Cooperative enterprises in Greece as these were perceived by the social entrepreneurs themselves. A survey was conducted using closed-ended questions.Exploratory analysis showed that integrated support was considered as the most important factor contributing to the sustainability of Social Cooperative enterprises. Furthermore, networking, awareness – raising and publicity were considered to be of much importance for the sustainability of them. The current study adds to the knowledge regarding the perspectives of Greek social entrepreneurs and to the body of much-needed quantitative research.


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Recommendations from this resource

Future Research

1. To determine the factors that can predict sustainable Social Cooperative enterprises beyond the period of the economic crisis.

2. Since this paper is based on the responses of Social Cooperative enterprises that were registered in the Social Economy Registry under Law 4019/2011, future research could examine Cooperative Social enterprises that ceased to operate and the reasons why they failed.

3. One could mention the need to address other social entrepreneurship stakeholders – public and private – in order to investigate their views regarding the factors contributing to the sustainability of Social Cooperative enterprises in Greece.

Policy Makers

1. Policy makers should take into account the need for counselling and training support for SEs.

2. Policymakers should take into account awareness-raising and for publicity actions. In this way, policy makers could spread the idea of social entrepreneurship and could attract public opinion as well as public and private actors, which would play the role of customers or providers for Social Cooperative enterprises. This could lead to a further development of the social entrepreneurship sector in Greece.

Social Entrepreneurs

Prospective social entrepreneurs to understand the importance of: 1) networking, 2) support for their venture and 3) the need to build strong and multifaceted relationships with various actors in order to create a sustainable social enterprise.