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Year: 2020
Published in: Journal of Social Entrepreneurship
Cited as: Tiwari, P., A. K. Bhat and J. Tikoria (2020). “Mediating Role of Prosocial Motivation in Predicting Social Entrepreneurial Intentions.” Journal of Social Entrepreneurship: 1-24.


The aim of this research study to identify the role of empathy, moral judgement and social entrepreneurial education in predicting social entrepreneurial intention. And also test the mediating effect of prosocial motivation in this relationship. Through the survey, primary sample data of 755 nascent social entrepreneurs were used to test the hypotheses. The hypothesised moderated mediation condition was supported as results suggest that prosocial motivation mediated the relationship between antecedents and social entrepreneurial intentions. Besides this social entrepreneurial education showed a strong direct relationship with social entrepreneurial intentions. These findings strengthen the argument which states that there is a great need from policy, educators and universities to start courses that can imbibe the feeling of empathy. And also support system to motivates students to go for social entrepreneurship as a career choice.


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Recommendations from this resource

Future Research

1. In this study the sample size is not sufficient for generalisation of the results and especially restricted to nascent social entrepreneurs. More purposeful sampling of social entrepreneurs and social ventures are recommended as they would help research in this area.

2. A longitudinal research study identifying the full journey of social venture creation can provide more accurate results.

Policy Makers

1. Policymakers can motivate universities to offer courses that can facilitate the development of interest towards social entrepreneurship.