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Year: 2019
Published in: Annals of the University of Oradea: Economic Science, 28, 2019, 1, p. 63-71
Cited as: Miculaicius (Holovcsuk) Angelica, 2019. “Social Entrepreneurship: Evolutions, Characteristics, Values And Motivations,” Annals of Faculty of Economics, University of Oradea, Faculty of Economics, vol. 1(1), pages 63-71, July.


Social entrepreneurship has known a constant evolution as of the second half of the XXth century. Despite some ambiguities within the definition of the term and the circumscription of the social entrepreneurship activity, it differentiates by a series of characteristics, values and motivations: its social mission, the highlight on persistence, altruism, morality. The paper is a theoretical – synthesizing undertaking on the definitions, evolutions and characteristics of the social entrepreneurship. The comparative analysis of social entrepreneurship and profit-oriented entrepreneurship highlights the following as the main characteristics of social entrepreneurship: its social mission, the capitalization and combination of resources for covering certain unsatisfied needs, the creation and development of social equity, the production of goods and social services at the lowest costs. The conclusions highlight the issues that the social entrepreneurs have to deal with, but also the opportunities of permanent development for this sector.

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