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Year: 2019
Published in: Nonprofit Management and Leadership
Cited as: Yitzhak Dahan (2020), Strategy, local sociology, political philosophy: Analysis of strategy of Non‐Governmental Organizations under radical intellectual leadership, Nonprofit Management and Leadership


Social entrepreneurship has a long history of practice worldwide. However, the concept has become widely popular among researchers over the last two decades. Despite this popularity, less is known about the process, which leads to becoming a social entrepreneur. Barendsen and Gardner’s study shows that many social entrepreneurs have traumatic experience in their early lives; however, there are no supporting studies investigating the impact of the background of founders on the founding decision of their entities. Because of that we utilized the models of theory of planned behavior as well as the concept of imprinting to explain the process that leads to entrepreneurial behavior. The purpose of our study is to investigate the life stories of some Turkish social entrepreneurs, and to explore which factors in these people’s backgrounds may have contributed to their decisions to establish their foundations.


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